Crowcon Triple Plus and Triple Plus IR - Multi 4 Gas Detector

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Crowcon Triple Plus + 1-4 Sensor Multi Gas detector. 

Crowcon multi four gas detector available with numerous configurations for sensor and charger options. Oxygen, flammable and toxic gas detection.

Available in numerous configurations for sensor and charger options. Please use the drop down menus to configure your meter but if you have a more specific application then please call our sales team that will be able to help configure a specification to your requirements. Tel: 01704 330 315  

Multigas Personal Monitor with Optional Pump

With over 60,000 units in use worldwide, our customers have come to depend on the robust and reliable performance of the Triple Plus+. The extremely durable Triax™ case and internal construction, simple customisation to alternative flammable gas correction factors, a wide range of sensor types allowing 4 gas detection, QuickCal for simple rapid calibration and peak hold capability for pre-entry checks make the Triple Plus+ an industry favourite known for the ability to withstand even the most demanding of applications.

Portable multigas monitor for oxygen, flammable and toxic detection. Datalogging as standard, rated to IP65, weighing 900g offering continuous monitoring and display of up to four gases available with or without internal pump. Supplied as standard with the LIBRA (Lithium-ion battery replacement assembly) giving extended cycle times. Spare packs are also available for existing fleets.

Triple Plus+ IR Detail

Incorporating IR detection technology the Triple Plus+ IR extends the capability of the Triple Plus family of products allowing extended life detection of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. The IR hydrocarbon sensor offers measurement in inert backgrounds at both % LEL and %volume levels for tank purging and inert atmosphere monitoring.

Note: Only toxic and oxygen sensor modules can be combined with IR modules, and only one IR module can be fitted per Triple Plus+ IR unit.

Single range IR flammable or CO2 units can have up to three other sensor modules selected from the standard toxic and oxygen range. Dual range flammable units can have up to two other sensors.

Available Sensors for Bespoke Configurations are: 

0-100% LEL methane

0-100% LEL propane

0-100% LEL pentane

0-100% LEL butane

0-100% LEL ethylene

0-100% LEL hydrogen

0-100% LEL flammable gas USA alarms UL approval (specify calibration)

0-100% LEL flammable gas AUS alarms (specify calibration)

0-100% LEL methane for dual range % LEL/% vol. units

0-100% vol. methane for dual range % LEL/% vol. units

0-25% oxygen - 2 year sensor

0-500ppm carbon monoxide

0-500ppm carbon monoxide (US alarms UL approval)

0-500ppm carbon monoxide (AUS alarms)

0-500ppm carbon monoxide (H2 compensated)**

0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide

0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide (Almeer only 0-200ppm)

0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide (US Alarms, UL approval)

0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide (AUS alarms)

0-1000ppm hydrogen sulphide

0-10ppm sulphur dioxide (hydrogen sulphide immune)

0-2000ppm hydrogen

0-100ppm nitric oxide

0-10ppm nitrogen dioxide*

0-5ppm chlorine* (UK alarm levels)

0-5ppm chlorine*

0-10ppm hydrogen chloride*/**

0-25ppm hydrogen cyanide

0-50ppm ammonia

0-1000ppm ammonia

0-1ppm chlorine dioxide*

0-2ppm phosphine* (UK alarm levels)

0-2ppm phosphine*

0-1ppm arsine

0-100ppm volatile organics**

0-10ppm ethylene oxide**

0-10ppm hydrogen fluoride*

0-10ppm fluorine*

0-4% hydrogen electrochemical

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