Blackline G6 Single Gas Detector

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Get ahead of your workplace hazards, drive to zero incidents and uplevel your operations with the most comprehensive, cost-effective and connected single-gas detector available—G6.

G6 gives you:

  • Faster response time through accurate incident and worker location
  • Reduced costs and increased operational efficiency with less lost devices, false alarms and IT infrastructure
  • Trustworthy data and instant insights—like easy-to-read visuals for high alarm rates or low compliance—so you can act quickly
  • Long-lasting design with over-the-air updates to futureproof your investment

It’s what makes G6 the new standard in single-gas detection. An innovative—and economical—solution for improving safety and operational performance in the modern industrial workplace.

The key capabilities of the new Blackline G6 include:

  • 4 Year device
  • Reliable direct to cloud cellular connectivity to the Blackline Live platform
  • GPS to locate people and devices quickly
  • Single-gas detection for H2S, CO, O2 or SO2
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 1 year battery life
  • Higher precision to reduce false alarms and support STEL monitoring
  • Automatic updates several times per year make your device even smarter over time
  • Data-rich reporting to improve safety, compliance, culture and performance

By choosing the G6, you can:

  • Locate workers when an alarm is triggered via GPS and cloud connectivity
  • See and assess what's happening on the ground for faster, informed responses
  • Save on total cost of ownership with G6's 4 year life span - TWICE as long as disposable single gas devices
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs, easily find lost devices and save money on replacement expenses through wireless connectivity
  • Minimise the frequency of false alarms
  • Improve compliance with purpose-built reports and accurate data sets
  • modify workplace processes and training with analytics and insights to get ahead of safety risks

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